New Remote Controlled Cars on the Go

Speed Racer Mini R/C Cars
Are you a fan of remote controlled cars? Then perhaps this would truly delight your senses. Speed Racer Mini R/C Cars are something worth your every penny, if ever you just want a simple toy to take all your boredom away. The models for these remote controlled cars include the Mach 5 or the Shooting Star. You may come up with a mini car race emulating those which involve the big ones in it, right in the comfort of your own home.

Each Speed Racer Mini R/C Cars measures about three inches in length. You may charge your car unit by just docking it into the remote control. Some remote control cars carry a separate charger with them, but the Speed Racer Mini R/C Cars have them as one unit, so it is more convenient. Another admirable feature of this tiny gadget includes charging only for one minute, but allowing the remote controlled car to race for as much as three minutes. This means that you may have a shorter charging time, but you can still play all you want without having to worry about your car running out of power.

This gadget runs on two AA batteries, which are, as far as we know, available in most convenient stores. You do not have to worry about boring days when you have this gadget around with you. If your friends have other units of the Speed Mini R/C Cars, then you may race with them during a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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