New Airport Security – “Behavioral Screening”

Security Lines at the Airport

With the heightened security at airports the amount of time it takes to go through security has also become heightened. Long lines, tedious searches, and unrealistic specifications to what one can carry aboard the airlines maybe a thing of the past.
The technology being investigated right now would create a security system that would alert someone if the passengers behavior emit emotional strain. It could take as quick as 10-20 seconds, by introducing a subliminal stimuli such as an image of Osama Bin Laden or the Arabic words “Islamic jihad”, then monitoring heart rate, body temperature, and respiration can produce the perfect terrorist screening process. Created with a combination of infra-red technology, remote sensors, and imagers this maybe the answer to airport efficiency and put an end to airline terrorist.
Profiling is difficult and can be deceiving, racial, sexual, and religious profiling are all so combined these days that is almost impossible to pick out the “bad guys”. This new type of detection brings a whole new light to profiling. This technology has the ability to be completely undetected by passengers, they step onto a “smart carpet” or sit in a “smart seat” filled with hidden biometric sensors and gaze into a “check-in screen” and are profiled. Security is immediately alerted and the possible threat is removed and completely investigated.

There are several companies trying to develop this technology and get it into use. WeCU has received grants from the Transportation Security Administration within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to produce a system that will pinpoint behavioral profiled threats. The Orwellian-sounding startup has developed a system that detects a passengers intentions by scanning each step. And many other ideas and companies are jumping on this new innovative technology. We can only hope that this is truly the answer to overcrowded airport lines and terrorist threats aboard our airlines in one fail swoop.




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