Nail time

You have seen nail art, but you haven’t seen and feel nail time?

No, this is not that special time of the weak where you take your nails for the special week. Take nail time literally and you;ll realize and be amaze and how could it be possible. Taking a quick peek and overview on how the future’s gadgets will look like is one of the latest experiments of Timex.

One of Timex’ newest baby, TX54 is a disposable timepiece that is worn on the user’s thumbnail.

While its translucency makes it blend seamlessly with the hand, a selection of text color options and a glow feature that activates on command make it easy to read.

Off to the wrist and into the fingernails, this new breakthrough in the watch industry is like a flame that ignited the seemingly dying industry of watches and provide hope for those who frequently forgets or find their watches as hassle.

This one comes at us from the Core77 Year 2154 Design Competition.
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