My Home Sauna

Finally, the relaxing sauna has found home.

The Zen Awakening 44LC Five-Person Carbon Fiber Infrared Sauna. Saunas are a great place to find peace of mind and contentment while enjoying multiple health benefits, including detoxifying your system, improving your complexion, and raising your metabolic rate to burn calories.

This infrared sauna is also proud With its CD and AM/FM Stereo system, high quality halogen lighting, efficient heating system that replicates the sun’s rays, and durable, fragrant hemlock construction, the Zen Awakening sauna makes it possible to enjoy the kind of sauna experience usually reserved for expensive gym or spa visits on a daily basis at home.

In just 30-minutes you can start your Zen Awakening Sauna experience, with tongue and groove construction and copper-latch locking system. Two fresh air circulation vents and ergonomic lumbar backrest seating ensure total comfort. The interior and exterior control panel is easy to access and use, and the hemlock insulated, tempered glass door has magnetic locking to prevent heat from escaping.

For your convenience too, this portable sauna is equipped with a magazine and towel rack, and two cup holders for your convenience.

Zen Awakening’s carbon fiber technology is the most therapeutic, durable, and efficient infrared system in the market. With a lifespan of 10,000 hours, the highly efficient system replicates the sun’s healthy rays, warming a much larger surface area than other heaters for even heat distribution.

The system heats rapidly in the first five minutes, reaches the desired temperature in half the time of a ceramic heater (10-15 minutes), and holds its temperature to save energy. Most importantly, carbon fiber is safe. Its surface temperature is dramatically lower than ceramic heaters, so that it doesn’t burn sauna users. All in all, carbon fiber infrared heating will save as much as 30-50 percent on energy costs, and provide a better, safer sauna experience.

Interested to know more about this one of a kind zen experience? Click on the picture below.

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