My Home Gym

Wish that you could have that perfect built, at the comfort of your own home?

Your wish is definitely Avanti’s command.

Covering all the aspects of fitness training that you are doing in your regular trips to the gym, this space efficient and stylish home gym could give you the body that you want in just 20 minutes a day.

Intellegently crafted to suit the needs of those living in small homes, apartments or condos! Enclosed in a tall, steel cabinet with a sleek modern design, the Cardiogym could allow you to choose from 30 independent exercise options as well as a recumbent bike for cardio and strength training to help you achieve a total body workout.

It also includes a set of wheels for easy relocation.

It also has a multi function weight system that performs very similar to any stand alone pulley system. Simply adjust the bike to a suitable position, and utilize the height adjustable pulleys for your strength and toning requirements. The pulley system also provides the basis for a endless array of resistance training exercises. And the supplied leg strap is the perfect accessory for leg toning exercises (inner and outer thigh, calves, hamstrings). Key workout exercises include shoulder press, chest press, chest fly, kayak row, back extension, arm curls, ab crunches, and seated row.


  • 12 recumbent bike programs (including 2 heart rate controlled programs)
  • Fold away design.
  • Stylish, compact and transportable cabinet
  • Bi-lateral weights pulley system (30 pounds x 2)
  • Height adjustable pulley system (changing angle of exercises)
  • Heart rate chest strap (bike compatible)
  • Adjustable handles (2 x handle grips, 1 x bar, 1 x leg strap)
  • Turning bike feature, allows you to switch from pulling to pushing exercises
  • Exercise Pack (Training DVD, exercise wall chart, detailed Instruction Manual)

Want to know more about this perfect gym solution? Click on the image below.

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