Multi-tasking pad

After owning me, you’ll think about of letting me fall without catching me, ever again.

This is quite the remorse of your badly treated and shattered mouse pad that was time and time again found lying on your floor and picking it up is the last thing on your mind.

Now, with pride, they present the newly evolved mouse pad geared with a USB hub and speakers.

While our minds know that today’s mice, particularly those with lasers, work just fine on virtually any
(non-moist) surface, that gives our friendly mouse pad a little use not until the traveler-friendly Roll-up
Mouse Pad was invented.

It contains a 4-port USB hub and dual, side-firing speakers out of the deal. Sure, the build quality may be
sub-par (check the jagged plastic after the break), but for $22 this could make that hotel suite a little bit more inviting for you and that special peripheral you’ll be cradling all night.

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