MSN’s best bud!



      Instant messaging systems are currently becoming popular as one of the major means of communication in the internet world. In today’s busy schedule, these systems make sure that we are connected to our loved ones, friends, family and office colleagues. MSN Messenger is one of the most popular and widely used by the consumers. If you are using MSN, then I can recommend this wonderful gadget to assist you.


     Introducing the Ibuddy. Try to picture out this wonderful experience using MSN with an instant miniature secretary that can alert you althroughout your MSN logged time. Perched on top of your monitor, It’s heard would start to glow. Whenever your into a conversation, ibuddy is alerted with emoticons being received and would respond dramatically with each type of emoticon with a combo of wing flaps, color changes and twists!


     Ibuddy can be taught to just respond to just one special buddy in msn. It would only respond to that buddy and not to everyone. This would surely be a delightful gift for yourself or for your loved ones. =) Grab one here today.


i-Buddy responds to emoticons received in MSN Instant Messages
i-Buddy lights up in different colours, twists side to side, and flaps its wings
For more information and support, please visit the i-Buddy support page

1x i-Buddy (Approximate dimensions – 45 x 78 x 55mm)
1x Mounting clip
1x 3″ installation disk
1x Instruction guide
1x USB lead (Approximate length 1200mm)
System Requirements:

PC running Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
MSN Messenger 7.0 or above.
One available USB port.
PLEASE NOTE: i-Buddy is not Mac compatible

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