Robobeer: Mr. Asahi bot

Picture this: Late night at work, you’re over tasked, stressed out and on top of that, you just had a squabble with your wife. You decide to go to your favorite pub to get an ice cold beer to help you unwind.

On your way there, you imagine holding the bottle in your hand feeling the burden just drift away as the liquid trickles down your throat. You enter the door of the bar and poof! All your happy thoughts slide down the drain as you stare into an endless line of people who are waiting for their drinks to be served. You tiptoe to see what’s taking so long and you see the bartender chatting up with a long legged brunette.

If you want a speedy and uninterrupted service, look no further, Mr. Asahi bot is here to serve you. This new technology was built by eight men and was finished in around 200 hours. It also went through six months of bartending lessons to make sure it can satisfy its customers.

He can open up beer bottles and pour your beer, in half pints and pints, in less than two minutes while engaging you in a hearty conversation, in a quirky British accent to boot.

You don’t have to worry about him ignoring you for a pretty gal and he’ll even offer you a warm smile even if you don’t to give him a tip. It also seems that he is patient enough to not punch annoying, drunk individuals. Mind you, his arms have the strength of a gladiator so you better not test his limits.

Enjoy your beer ladies and gents. Cheers!

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