Mr. Clean gone Tech-y

Just how the same old Lysol commercial put it… Germs are everywhere, from the cab that you rode this morning, every door knob you get hold of, your office keyboard, that dusty coffee maker, even more in the door panels at the comfort room, and the list goes on and on.

For all those obsessive compulsive and sanitary freak out there, here’s the perfect gadget for you. Could be mistaken as a cellphone, this UV disinfectant wand works in the same way when when we addictedly pop that vitamin c or zinc powerups.

From this device emanates intense ultra-violet radiation, killing almost 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your keyboard, mouse and anything that you feel to be bacteria infested. In just a matter on ten seconds, you’re safe.

This is the only object that is ultimately safe to pass over. Available here in a very reasonable price.

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  1. How is the device charged? Secondly will it help reduce the risk of infection for a person whose immunity is compromised and is therefore required to stay indoors.

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