mp3 on the go

have you ever been holdupped?

It was just one of your usual trip on your way back home, you are aboard a public transportation with your earphones plugged in your ears until you felt a pointed object through your sides and to your surprise it’s that hoodlum forcing you to give your mp3 player!

More often, the display of earphones are usually an eye-candy for many bad guys. They are usually attracted in seeing one in a very obvious fashion.

You may think how could it be possible to have music-on-the-go without having your life in danger.

Tok Tok Tak, a company from Japan, totally understands your needs and the situation that you are in. With the most basic and smallest mp3 player that ever graced our markets, surely you can hear quality music without getting too much attention.

Looking only like a standard audio jack, the plug dangles from your earphones when used on the go. People might even think that you are crazy walking around with what looks like earbuds attached to nothing but they’d be wrong.

The Tok Tak also comes with a base station in which you can plug it in to recharge, upload new music, and act as a joystic controller to listen to your turns externally.

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