Move over, iMAC

Owing to the phenomenal success of Asus Eee, comes a new Asus netbook that is considered to be a sort of step way from cutting edge technologies.

Possesing the same specifications of iMac only more affordable, Asus Eee Top expects to be welcomed again with open arms by the tech world. That makes us think that it will have just enough specs’ roundup to meet requirements of everyday usage and a little more guts in plus for spare time gaming, and no more a seen by already known specs.

Proud with its 5.6 inches and 1366 x 768 MP resolution, these new Asus Eee Top goes a little far more than
that. It is also a touchscreen making note taking and internet browsing breezier. It is up to you to decide whether to do it with your fingers or to use a stylus from a standard kit, it will be a great fun and a useful feature anyway.

Other specifications:
1.6 Hz processor or a single core Atom
1 GB RAM and 160 GBs on the hard drive
802.11n Wi-Fi plus Gb Ethernet, and peripherals
Built-in web camera with 1.3 MP
3 USB port.

Added to that its base will have Radeon HD 3450 installed so that will be some proper gadget for gaming.

Item Search :
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