Mint V10 Pocket Projector: An Acclaimed world’s smallest projector

For years, improvements in technology have focused on making faster, smarter and smaller devices with more features in cheaper price. Researchers and engineers are always engaged in developing such high-tech and powerful devices which are increasingly diversified. A subsidizing company of Mint Wireless Limited (ASX: MNW) Australia, knowingly Mint Trading Pty has just recently announced to launch, internationally acclaimed “world’s smallest pocket size commercial projector” which is manufactured by Apitek, a Taiwanese company

The Mint V10 is your next generation “portable projector” which you can carry anywhere. You can just plug it in with your computer or laptop and enjoy the quality projection time. Measuring just at range around 12.5 x 5.5 x 2.3cm which is longer than your iPhone by 1cm, V10 let you project the image size of 50 inch at the distance of 1.8 meter. Alex Teoh, CEO, Mint Wireless, thinks positive about this device as he commented that V10 pocket projector has achieved significant attention from many retailers across the Australia and planning to discuss with commercial retailers also.

The company is planning to launch V10 around the time of Christmas, somewhere in September-December. The expected price for this portable projector is around US $600. It has 1GB of internal memory and estimated lifespan of LED bulb is 20,000 hours as the company explains in their press release. So now this Christmas will bring projection of joy to your family. Get the V10!

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