Miniature PC without fans

Kontron has developed a miniature PC without fans that is based on business card-sized COM’s. Computer-on-modules are equipped with an ARM compatible 200MHZ or 400MHZ XScale with PXA255 processor. At just 1.5 Watts of power consumption, this surely is a miniature PC with miniature energy needs.

The evaluation starter kid includes an ATX-compatible 115V or 230V power supply with a 5.7 inch color TFT display, a JILI display adoptor plus baseboard for X-board have 3 USB sockets, 1 socket for LAN, 4 sockets for UART, AC97 sound, 1 socket for compactFlash cards, and 2 pci slots for expansion cards. You can add RFID readers on your miniature PC and choose appropriate transponders for your needs.

It has a DRAM memory of 64 Mbytes and a 32 Mbyte flash memory integrated in its X-board. It has Windows CE pre-installed and it has a Linux support package in CD-ROM.

The kit also has a null-modem cable. It’s a crossed cable used to link computers via RS232 interface.

This miniature PC had been developed back in 2004 but it has a promising future ahead of it. With PC’s going thinner and smaller, it will not be long when a miniature PC will start to circulate in our society.

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