Microsoft introduces Windows 7 with Integrated Touch Capabilities – “The Operating System of the Future”

Microsoft is again at the cutting edge of technology with their new operating system Windows 7 with Touch capability. The touch screen system has been integrated into almost everything. Cell phones, remote controls, cash registers, vending machines and many others use touch screens. It was only a matter of time before it became a part of our personal computing systems.

Windows 7 operating system combined with a touch screen will enable the user to play piano in music applications, paint pictures in paint applications, and open and close programs with a touch of the finger. Mapping application software makes it possible to rotate a globe and zoom in and out with the slight of the hand. It is obvious that touch and movement automation is the wave of the future.

The possibility of a touch operating system comes from the technology ThinSight. This is a thin LCD monitor that has infrared sensors mounted inside the display that detects objects that come near the screen. By using this infrared technology there is also the possibility of operating your system by remote. Imagine having a remote for the TV, the cable, the DVD player, the TIVO, and now the PC.

Microsoft has announced the release of Windows 7 in late 2009 or early 2010. They assure everyone that it will support the same devices and applications that are supported by Windows Vista. Of course everything is spiced up, the new DirectX will support the highest-end graphics, new networking API will allow better developments, and new energy efficiency features will make your PC more eco-friendly.

Touch technology should be embraced; it speeds up a lot of processes that need to be handled quickly. In the medical field nurses are now using touch notebooks to record the patients and place medical orders in half the time it took before this technology. But even in light of this great change we shouldn’t forget to learn the complexities of the keyboard and mouse, because they will always be the fallback if the touch screen goes out.

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