MicroDrone MD4-200: New Spy Gig in a Sky

In many cases, people have reported of seeing UFO in the sky hovering for few minutes and then gets disappear in flash. Many even take out their camera and start shooting it. Some comes up with an idea of some secret government aircraft on its testing flight. Now before coming into any conclusion, one must take a look at MicroDrone MD4-200: a flying spy object that hovers and fly around our skies for taking secret surveillance from a bird’s eye view.

Picture: Flight View of MD4-200

MicroDrone MD4-200 is another appealing invention that uses the sky as a medium to capture every detail down below by the hidden cam from eagle eye view. This device when gets up in the air, a navigation controller gives the direction of the flight. At the height of 350 feet, it is completely unnoticed from the ground when it is flying. MD4-200 is just 2 feet in diameter and has a flight time of about 20 minutes which depends on climatic temperature, wind level and on payload. It is completely water protected, makes very low noise and most importantly it can take videos and still photograph in both daylight and dawn. In the base station, you can watch the feed in 1.4 Megapixel video eyeglasses but you can also connect them in your laptop.

Picture: Flying view of MD4-200

Developed by microdrones GmbH, the inventors of the company are always busy in developing aerial vehicles. It is true that if you are ready to face the challenge of tomorrow and turn every opportunity into achievement, imagining it and consistency in implementing it is the formula for success. MicroDrone MD4-200 is more interestingly is built with carbon fiber reinforced plastics and use AAHRS (Altitude and Attitude and Heading Reference System) as company reports about their product.

Base station

MD4-200 can
be very useful for law & enforcement Dept, Aerial photography, Archeology, Plant inspection, Army and personal uses also. The company puts a slogan of “your eye in the sky” which suits the character and functionality of MicroDrone MD4-200. So next time you see an unusual objects hovering your sky, always make sure you read geekiegadget.com from now on.

Offical Site: http://www.microdrones.com

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