Meet Fitbit

Bluetooth, infrared, they are all things of the past. With the suddent popularity of Nintendo Wii, bursts the idea of a 3D motion sensor that could be developed and utilized for almost any use.

Of course the health care industry would not allow themselves to be left behind. Meet Fitbit your revolutionary, portable and personal health monitor.

In guise as a clip with approximately the size of a finger, Fitbit contains a 3D motion sensor that can accurately tracks your movements throughout the day. It can calculate the intensity and duration of your physical activities, calories burned, steps taken, and distance traveled.

At night, Fitbit can measure microtremors along your wrists. It could also track your normal movement  to assess how long it took you to fall asleep and how many times you woke up during the night.

To view results and permanently store your health information, Fitbit can also be connected to your PC or Mac through an included docking station and uploads your data to it’s tracking software.

These data are so important that with you can’t hardly imagine how Fitbit made your life even breezier and less stressful.

How accurate is Fitbit?  The company manufacturer claims it to be one of the most accurate pedometers on the market, scoring on average 95%-97% accuracy.  And when you sleep, the tracker has been shown to correlate strongly with results from polysomnograms, the kinds of tests sleep labs administer.

For more info visit this site.

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