MCube = Fun x 3!

It’s such a  bother to plug and unplug cellphone chargers and I always beat myself up because I fall asleep most of the time while I’m charging my phone. Not only is it bad for my phone’s battery, but I’m wasting energy as well while I sleep.

I found this cute box online and I’m hoping this is the solution to my problem.  Think of it as an advanced bluetooth like device which can not only charge your phone, but can also act as a bluetooth speaker and monitor in exchange of your phone’s one hour or two slumber.

The MCube is the latest idea of VINYL Studio that can charge your phone even without those annoying wires that keeps on knotting itself up. You can play your music as you sing along to the tunes without having to buy extra speakers as it has built-in ones that lets you enjoy your day without extra cost.

Need to look up contacts but don’t want to bother picking up your phone? The MCube automatically transfers information from your phone to its memory which displays all the data just for you.

Who knew something this small(and cute) could be so powerfully awesome?

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