Marvin – The Autonomous Isuzu SUV

"Marvin" The Autonomous Isuzu SUV
This Self Driving Isuzu SUV named “Marvin” is the product of a program started by Austin Robot Technology (ART) members at the University of Texas at Austin. Recently it passed all examinations and driving tests making it a top contender in the semifinals of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) 2007 Urban Challenge race. This is only one of the many designs of automated vehicles in research and development at various Universities and Colleges.

They were able to pass a driving test allowing the vehicle to use only its preprogrammed intelligence and onboard computers. It completed three-point turns, detection and avoidance of obstacles, and stopping at stop signs then pausing for the other vehicle to pass before proceeding through the intersection. The completion of this driving test with flying colors meant great prestige for the ART team. And although they didn’t wind the DARPA they made it to the top.

Today automated vehicles are becoming more in demand as we see more fatal accidents from irresponsible, intoxicated, or distracted motorist. “Marvin” is definitely using some of the automation technology that we will see in the cars of the future. An array of sensors, video cameras, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology (to hopefully avoid catastrophes as it drives around) make “Marvin” fully autonomous.

Specs describing exactly how “Marvin” executes such accurate precision in driving capabilities are not being shared with the general public just yet. Still in the development stage makes the technology very valuable and secret. But I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more about this technology getting ready for distribution, it could become extremely useful.

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