Make Use of The Sun


Although your keys won’t need batteries at this time, it is fascinating to remember that the Solar Keychain is capable of storing up excess energy that comes from the sun so that your cell phone’s battery can stay up and you could talk longer than usual.

Plainly droop this tiny gadget from your keyring and you’ll comprise emergency source of power for your handset 24/7, anywhere you may go. But unless you forgot your keys at your house, in this case you’ll never have chance to use your solar keychain. With the Solar Keychain it’s just a little piece, it’s very easy. Plainly plug up and hooked on your cell phone with the appropriate adaptor (loads included) and get ready to be amazed as it pumps up in approximately 15-25 minutes of additional talktime. That’s extra than sufficient moment in anytime.

It will take more or less 10 hours for a complete charge, so be certain to keep in mind where you put the Solar Keychain before you go home from job for you have to be forced to break inside your home. Remember you may be accused for breaking in, so be attentive.

And hey! Don’t forget that this solar keychain may also be used with other device using USB charging.

Charge anytime anywhere. Bid one here.

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