Long distance LASER microphone: For your Next stake-out.

Scoring big punch in spy world, you will now witness to one of the leaders in secret surveillance equipment that will give you a freedom to listen every secret conversation from around your neighborhood or just your enemy’s apartment without being seen from far off. This device is completely wireless and based on laser mechanism for accurate and effective results. No need to place any transmitter anywhere in the targeted areas. Just sit back and listen.

Long distance laser microphone is an ultimate surveillance device that let you hear unheard voices with the help of a beam that is projected into the target area. For instance you want to listen up the conversation across your neighborhood window. What really happens is, when someone is talking, the window pane slightly vibrates due to the sound waves generated from the talking. When the laser beam from the device incident on glass surface, it picks up the vibration and gets reflected from window pane. Then the receiver converts the reflected beam into electronic signals. These signals are then filtered, amplified and recorded in the memory of the device. For this operation, only one lens operates in transmitting and receiving the signal

This Las-Mic works best when the sound gets reflected from smooth-surface. If the surfaces are jagged, rippled, multi-layered, there won’t be any reflection of sounds hence the receiver won’t record any transmissions. However the interferences caused by secondary sound wave reflections can be filtered and modulated. The transmission can be tuned into fine frequency in real time to receive better quality. So now, you can stake out and you can listen up things meant to be untold.

Technical Specs for Tech Geeks

Laser Type: Semi-conductor
Laser Wave Length: 750 – 840 nm
Output Power: 5 mW automatically controlled
Power Supply: 8 x 1.5 V AAA Battery (extern)
Current Consumption: approximate. 100 mA
Beam Focusing: 135 mm
Target Finder: through lens
Connections: 1 for power supply
Mounting: standard to fit to the tripod
Operating Time: approximate. 10 hours continuous
Other features: switchable modulation, search tone

Laser Receiver

Laser Type: noiseless PIN-Diode
Wave Length: Infrared
Lens: 500 mm
Power Supply: 9 V Block Battery
Battery Life: 15-50 hours (depending on the adjusted volume)
Current Consumption: 10 – 30 mA


Amplifier unit: connected by cable with Laser Receiver
Amplification: adjustable
Connections: Headphone, Speaker
Voice Filter: Equalizer, adjustable
Voice Recorder: built-in and internally connected with the amplifier

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions: 470 x 380 x 220mm
  • Weight: 10.5 kg without batteries and tripods
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  1. Is this thing dependable? My… line of work… requires me to collect data by means other than asking on a personal level. You could only imagine the level of discretion my occupation requires for my sake and… my client’s sake.

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