Logitech’s yuletide present

I want YOU this christmas

Let’s face it. Many of us are living miles away from our loved-ones because they have to search for greener pastures abroad. And all for a bright future and steady life, we have to spend one lonely christmas on the other side of the globe.

But Logitech wants us to be with the person we love, even virtually.

One perfect way to have them with us is through the QuickCam Pro 9000. Loaded with its 2-megapixel image sensor, smooth-tracking autofocus, high-end Carl Zeiss optics, and HD video capabilities (with the capability of recording video at 960 by 720 pixels), this high end webcam made it possible for us to see our loved ones in  a crisp and real image.

Also, while it’s true that broadband Internet has gained speed, unfortunately none of the major chat or VoIP programs are can stream the high-definition video (960 by 720 pixels) that the Pro 9000 can capture. Thus, this feature is really only usable for recording video to your hard drive and either uploading to a video sharing service like YouTube or for inclusion into a movie project to be burned to disc.

The Pro 9000 also enables you to take still images at larger than its native 2-megapixel sensor via software interpolation (up to an 8-megapixel resolution).

The Pro 9000 offers easy plug-and-play operability on either a Windows PC or a Mac–just slide in the USB 2.0 plug, select the camera from your chosen video chatting program (it works seamlessly with Skype, Yahoo!, Windows Live, SightSpeed, and iChat), and you’re good to go.


2-megapixel sensor helps to improve both clarity and color
Automatic autofocus smoothly readjusts as you move around the screen
Double-hinged clip easily fit on a variety of laptop and monitor surfaces


While capable of capturing HD-quality video, you can only utilize this for video saved to hard drive

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