Logitech Pure-Fi

Logitech Pure-Fi

Logitech Pure-Fi

Astounding Logitech Pure-Fi provides an unmatched crystal-clear sound that satisfies anyone’s ears. It’s ideal in its innovative features.

Logitech Pure-Fi looks great in its glossy black color. It is an elegant and very functional speaker. It has an easy-to-read display that is clearly visible during days and is still brilliant at night.

This Logitech Pure-Fi has an alarm clock that offers more convenience in an organized living. Its backlit controls enables to operate in dim or no light room, and has a motion activated feature which allow a wave of your hands to snooze the alarm.

A recessed dock is available for ipod/iphone to prevent them from falling or bang on the floor. This feature is safer and reliable for its consistent position of holding ipod/iphone.

Featured also in this Logitech Pure-Fi is the am/fm radio for tuning in for live music, news, and sports from live broadcasting stations.

It is an easy-packaging for travel and space saving for most rooms. It has a dimension of 10.6 inches width, 4.0 inches depth x 4.0 inches height. It is extreme to be portable. It only weighs 31.75 oz. which you can bring along anywhere you want.

Experience crystal-clear sound, bid it here!

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