Line Lights – “A Technological Breakthrough in Lighting”


Christmas lights are a must for the holiday season. We see homes, businesses, churches, and just about everywhere else all decked out. NeonTrim has designed the next generation of Christmas lights with their cool “ultra-thin” LineLights. These flexible lights bring out all new possibilities when designing your Christmas display.

LineLights aren’t only flexible and colorful they use a low wattage neon like core keeping it cool to the touch and economical on the electrical bill. It emits a spectacular 360-degree colorful lighted spectrum creating a solid lit rope that can be used to create any shape with any design. It can be plugged in to a standard AC current or run from a portable 9V battery when using the 9V inverter kit included. These lights are a safer choice than the lights we have grown up with, and affordable to any budget. There are an alarming number of fires that happen every year started by Christmas tree lights, a safer alternative was definitely needed.  

Strings of lights are always being tossed out due to one bulb being lost or burnt out now with LineLights that is a problem of the past. The continuous light display created by this lighting technology makes it impossible to lose the entire string because of one light. You can purchase these lights in any of the following colors; Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Deep Blue, White, Lime Green, or Purple. They come in 10, 20, or 30 foot strings, and can be used together to create even longer displays. These are a great idea for the decorative season.

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