Lights out people!

I have a confession to make……………………………………

I’m freakin’ scared of the dark!! I have always been since I was a little girl and I am until now. I couldn’t even sleep if my parents weren’t beside me so now that I’m older, my parents allowed my dog to sleep in my room. This made me feel better plus the TV has to be on so I still have enough light to keep my room from being consumed by total darkness (eep!).What annoys my dad is when I forget to put my TV into “sleep” mode and come morning, it still blares various cartoon voices (yes people cartoons).

For those of you who can’t sleep without a light on, a solution is given to us by designer Sun Young Lee. The designer created a light that is in the form of an hourglass and it works like so too. The light stays on as long as there are bits of sand running through it, once the sand runs out, the light dims down and you’ll be in a peaceful slumber.

For restless nights, you can probably just keep on turning the lamp around so you’ll have enough light until Mr. sandman finally pulls your eyelids shut and gives you a kick in the noggin’ for staying up late–yet again.

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