Lights in your shower?

Ever experienced waking at the wrong side of the bed? Irritated and exasperated for no reason at all?

All the more agitated knowing that the day would start in 30 minutes whether you like it or not and you have to get in the shower fast. And just when you think you had everything set, you’re all wrong.

The lights weren’t on yet and even worst you failed to get the right mix, either your water is freezing cold or boiling hot?

With all the gods smiling down at his cranky creatures, they blessed us with a LED showered light.

With a built in internal turbine (no batteries needed), it is a pretty brilliant indicator if the water is quite chilly the light exudes a cool blue and when the water is already hot (32°C) it radiates a fiery red.The lights are also as powerful since it could serve as a bathroom light in itself.

It also showcase a flow regulator that limits water flow to 2.5 gallons per minute at 80 psi (might affect Shower Light performance depending on your water pressure).

Physically speaking the shower fits in standard (3/4″) shower pipes and measures to 4″ in diameter.

Now, taking a bath would never be this convenient, cozy or even sensual for two.

Available in a very reasonable price here

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