Lighting up my Time

Time is important in our everyday lives and in order to tell time we need clocks. However, timepieces have become so boring that it’s hard to appreciate the value of time in our life.

No need to frown, the Tix LED Clock is here to brighten our homes and our existence. It’s available in black and silver and can be placed horizontally or vertically.

It can look intimidating at first since it has a very different way of telling time but it’s really quite easy to know if you’re already late or if you’re favorite TV show is on.

To determine the process of telling the time when you read the clock is quite simple. As seen in the image below, only the second and fourth blocks have lights so that means that the first and third blocks represent the number zero because there is no light on any of the blocks at all. For the second and fourth block, you just count the number of blocks that are lighted up and voila! You know the time.

It’s a cool way to start the day and it’s a fresh look that jumps out of the usual clock patterns.

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