Let’s Watch Cowboy Style


     Are you bored with using the normal remote control to turn on your television and surf channels? Sick and tired of the good old reports on the television and want to shift it to another program? Now here’s a fun yet simple geeky invention to tickle your humor and style – The Sharp Shooter TV Remote is here.

     The Sharp Shooter TV Remote is perfect for those couch potatoes on weekends who wants to flip channels in Cowboy style. Back are the days of cowboy style playing – perfect for the sheriff of the sofa in town! To make it more realistic, it has a “bang!” sound whenever you point and pull the trigger! Cool isn’t it?

     This Sharp Shooter TV remote is compatible with most of the televisions in the market. Easily programmable, and re-programmable the remote can be used for performing one function from any remote. You can even change the volume, crank it up and down, turn on the TV and kill it off. This can be used for the CD players at home as well.  If you want to unleash the child inside you then why not try this fun stuff? This is perfect as a gift for the upcoming season. 


Battery requirements:

  • Requires 2x AAA  (not included)


  • Approximately – 24cm (W) x 2.5cm (D) x 14cm (H)
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