Let’s go back to Mother Nature


With all the latest technological advancement, gadgets and gizmos are all created either with a metal or plastic. We often think that what is cool should be artificial but then many people, especially the environmentalist still wish for a better solution that will help promote global awareness to some extent and at the same time to have a reminder of what God has given us and we just take for granted.

Latest cellular phones are always aiming to be the coolest and hi-tech when it comes to its design and the shinier it gets, the better it looks. Well, in a sense it is true but wouldn’t it just be great to find one cool phone that is totally different from the rest?

Chute Smartphone uses bamboo for its shell. Bamboo is a tough material and is often used by some natives for housing so why not use it for a Smartphone? Brilliant idea, right? It combines the latest technology with the natural touch and what do you get? A great looking phone! It’s completely biodegradable and is much stronger than plastic. So, hopefully more and more latest cellular phones and other gadgets would follow this new approach and will add some touch of nature to their products.

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