kitchen on the go

Wish you could bring your entire kitchen on a camping?

Well, think again.

In lieu of your entire kitchen is the Jetboil Personal Cooking System (PCS). It is capable of boiling two cups of water in two minutes at 75-80% efficienncy.

Critics said that the PCS is twice as fast and uses half as much fuel as conventional stoves. PCS can boil up to 50 cups (12 liters) of water from only one isobutane/propane micro-canister.

This is all because of the FluxRing heat exchanger, which captures and focuses the burner’s heat instead of the heat being lost to the ambient air.

With this feature, there is indeed more to life for PCS than giving you coffee every morning. The Jetboil can also give you noodles, pasta, dehydrated hiking meals,and soups.

Sparking a revolution in outdoor cooking, Jetboil boasts of a one liter insulated hard-anodized aluminum cooking cup, high-performance burner base with built-in piezoelectric igniter, drink-through plastic lid, and a protective bottom cover that doubles as a measuring cup.

Everything too comes in a small package, it is even said to be smaller than a Nalgene water bottle.

So whether you are in for a camping experience out in the wild, for water sports or simply wanted to spend some cozy evening outside your kitchen, never ever forget to bring Jet.

This outdoor kitchen breakthrough is available for a reasonable price here.

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