Keep those small items safe from the eyes of thieves


Coca-Cola Diversion Safe | Carrying expensive items with you like diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets and much other jewelry that are worth more than you can afford can be really scary especially if you’ve just been tasked to bring them these precious items. With lots of thieves on the streets, it can be quite dangerous too! It’s a rule that whenever somebody wants to steal from you, you better give it to them because your life is a lot more precious than material things. But, of course, if you could find a way to keep both, wouldn’t you choose that instead?

Now, you can purchase a diversion safe where you could keep those pricy jewelries and bring them along with you without sending out an alarm to the thieves that you keep something so valuable inside it. Diversion safes can have different designs and are disguised to resemble like a soda can with the actual design of the soda printed on it. No one would really suspect that it isn’t a real soda can and something valuable is actually hidden inside it.

It’s easy to open too. Just unscrew the top off the can and you could safely hide your valuable small items in there.

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