Jetsons watch out, we’ll soon be more advanced than you!

Haven’t you always wanted to fly when you were a kid and feel the wind on your face? Or maybe be like George Jetson and his family and zoom around everywhere with just a push of a button? Now, you probably can.

Glenn Martin has designed a jet pack that may sound a  little weird if you call it that because this “jet pack” has no jet. This invention runs even without those rocket-like afterburners we see in most movies that launches people high up in the air. Think Wile. E. Coyote with a whoosh but without those flames that burns his butt.

This jet pack, let’s just call it as so okay people, utilizes two 200 horsepower fans which runs on gasoline. Since it uses gas, you can just imagine how loud this thing can be.

Glenn said that this jet pack may be the most safest one out there because it doesn’t have blazing afterburners plus, it has its own parachute tucked away inside to give the user a more confident and safer flying time.

Hopefully, it will be mass produced soon and we’ll all be flying and zooming in the air like carefree children. Of course, traffic signs and lights still have to be installed to prevent people, who have been drinking and flying, from crashing into one another.

Oh and you need to have $250,000 to avail this baby. Anyone kind enough to lend me some moolah?

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