It’s movie time with the EZVision Video Eyewear

I’m a big movie buff and I try to watch flicks as much as I can, it’s my way of relaxing my mind. I immerse myself in their fantasy world, while leaving my worries behind in the real world. However, there are times when I get pulled back to reality because of a phone ringing, a kid screaming, a man talking on a phone or annoying people chatting up on whether the hero will die or not.

Good thing the EZVision Eyewear is here to save the day. This 68 gram device that fits like your pair of good-old sunglasses will turn your boring days into fun-filled experiences as you watch your favourite movies in your very own 50 inch virtual movie screen. Just plug it into your DVD player and watch the magic happen. If you’re on the go, you can plug it into your iPod or any portable player and you can have your very own cinematic experience without disrupting other people’s relaxing mood. Play video games and feel like a superhero as you jump, climb and explore a vast world filled with your favourite characters.

Worried about unwanted noise? Drown out any unnecessary racket with its built-in headphones and watch without any disturbances. The EZVision eyewear also has a rechargeable battery pack that can last up to eight hours of non-stop movie watching.

Watching movies has never been this amazing. If you’re a guy who likes to watch rom-com’s without wanting your girlfriend to discover your not-so-masculine side, this virtual movie player can surely indulge your wishes and still keep your secret private.

Let the movie marathon begin! But please make sure you’re not walking while watching—unless you want someone to beat you up.

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