iRobot Looj

iRobot Looj

iRobot Looj

iRobot Looj is the real thing and safe way on clean your gutters. Your gutter needs maintenance to avoid water damage, overspills and ice dams. Also an added precaution to avoid dirty gutters creates a breeding ground for carpenter ants, mosquitoes and other pests.

This saves your life from falling on the ground while reaching over your gutter and lessens your work of climbing and repositioning a ladder several times. Also reduce your burden of carrying so many tools that are too heavy that may cause you to kiss the ground. It makes your gutter cleaning fast and easier.

Imagine, it cleans your gutter in just minutes not an hour. And if you think gutter cleaning is a dirty and unpleasant job, this iRobot Looj will replace you from your anguish. This is the only and easiest way to keep your gutters free-flowing all year round. Plus you only use remote control to manage the cleaning.

Its Wireless remote control has a 75-ft. range, moves the Looj forwards and backwards, and changes the rotational direction of the auger to ensure complete debris removal. Looj attaches to an included belt clip to free up your hands and make it easier for you to climb a ladder. It uses a high power, rechargeable battery pack.

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