iPod Compatible Coats For Discreet Listeners

Before rushing out to buy newest gadgets, always remember that to buy the best one, you need to get the latest information. After seeing lots of release on latest iPod and other media devices, let the geekiegadgets splashes your mind with the cool looking iPod compatible clothing wear, a nice looking blazer coat with gives room to place your music collection and gigged inside it. The world famous clothes maker Mark & Spencer thinks that they can go beyond not just by creating clothes but combining the fusion of technology and the art giving birth to newest type of development in clothing business.

Especially for students, this iPod compatible blazer coat brings all the joys and essence of music loving attitude. The coat includes all the function which is sewed secretly inside the lapels that let you control of your iPod without being noticed. The wires are hidden and go all the way up to your ears making this unique coat very discreet. Especially during the exams or any boring class periods, this coat will kills the boring time and entertain you with your own collections of music..

Marks and Spencer is always providing the best clothing lineup in the past and this coat which is made of 100% polyester. More amazingly they made this coat water and stain proof so no need to turn your iPod off when it is raining. You can walk in the rain and listen to your favorite music. This will gain attention of many teenagers who are still in school or colleges because they can listen to their iPod without fiddling around with the wires and dragging so much attention to them. The coat comes in different size for both boys and girls. The price which ranges from £25.00 – £30.00, the coat is the latest fashion that is getting hot in UK especially for kids.

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