iPhone updated


The iPhone is still considered new, but Apple has already released an update .

Now you can customize your home screen. You can drag and drop your icons in and out of the Dock. You can place your frequently used applications in the middle of the screen where it is readily available. That’s not all, you can setup up to 8 different home screen pages. It is also capable of creating Web clips and be added to your home screen.

Need to invite a dozen of your friends for dinner? Now you don’t have to individually send to all your friends to invite them, iPhone is now capable of sending messages to multiple recipients.

Are you lost? Not anymore, iPhone uses the information on the nearest cell towers and Wi-fi network to locate you current location on the map. You can even drop a pin on the screen and get directions to get there.

With the latest update you can rent movies on the go, you have 30 days to view the rental and 24hours to finish the movie once you started watching it. You could also purchase music, movie and more using gift codes from iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store.

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NEW  Apple iPhone 6S - 16 / 64 / 128 GB (Unlocked) (T-Mobile) (AT&T)
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NEW  Apple iPhone 6S - 16 / 64 / 128 GB (Unlocked) (T-Mobile) (AT&T)
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