iPhone Telescope: Closer than you think

Try as you might to resist the temptation, when you have your new set of Apple iPhone and you and add more spice to it. The temptation is always on the run and this time you will be discovering iPhone Telescope, yeah, a telescopic lens that gets lucky with your iPhone and together you can explore the unseen horizon.

Your normal iPhone maybe give you the nice view of landscape or any portrait, but if you are in demand of getting closer look to discover the beauty, you will definitely need iPhone Telescope to get a bigger and closer picture. Amazingly giving 6x telescopic zoom to your iPhone, this tweaking performance lets you cross the limit of your normal iPhone. The advantage can be anywhere from hiking in beautiful mountains, going to watch your favorite sports or maybe in concerts. The ideas keep on poping when you have power to make your horizon much closer than before.

The lens gives you a super wide angle avoiding the contortion of image. No only giving higher visual acuteness but let you capture the high quality image. You can fix it on to your iPhone whenever you see something that needs interesting which is far off than your sight. Focus can be adjusted accordingly to your need in your iPhone. All you need is to install a crystal case that comes with the unit. After adjusting everything, you are now ready to move on and do some neat photography. You can use it as a spy gadget as well. The choice is always yours

Price is around US$ 19 only. So get it now.

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