Infrared Security Beam

Infrared Security Beam
We just opened a record store just around the metro. It’s a vinyl store where you can find a lot of unknown tapes of some of the coolest personalities in the music industry. And since it’s a record store, a lot of punk wannabe rockers who are doing all they got to steal something from our store. So in order to limit the number of possible robbers in our shop I have decided to purchase an alarm.

I browsed the internet and was able to find this highly affordable device which costs $ 39.95 only.
This infrared can beam up to 60 feet long which is just enough for our vinyl store. What’s good thing about this super cool gadget is its ability to alarm whenever the beam is crossed. Thus, you can use this product as an alarm when a customer arrives at your store. You can set it to alarm once. Also, you can use this product as an alarm to some of the restricted places in your store. As for placed this infrared security beam in the stock room door and in the main door of the store. In this case, whenever a punker tried to enter the stock room premises a loud alarm would heard. Just two days ago I found this gadget reliable as one of the many punkers trying to steal something from my store tried to enter the stock room. Before he can even open the door knob, a loud recurring sound was heard. I looked over to the stock room and found one of those punkers beside the door. I was happy enough to throw him out of my store. So if you want security for your store, you can definitely try this gadget.

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