Illuminated Keyboard

Saitek Eclipse II

Saitek Eclipse II

As everyone look over our levels with what we have, sometimes they can say something like, “he has never experienced progress in his life”, but actually we had. They see most of it with things you have. If they saw something new and interesting they would evaluate you to be more high class level because of what they saw. I think this will help you to elevate your status.

The Saitek Eclipse II is a very nice and solid springy 104 key keyboard made with a twist. The new thing here is a knob on the right that manages the lighting. Laser imprinted keys blaze from inside in electric blue, demon red, or wizard purple. The blaze emits from the side, giving this exceptional keyboard the illusion that it’s floating scant inches from your desktop.

It is also provided with Media keys for volume control, play/pause, and skip tracks, angle modification and extendable wrist rest for utmost comfort

Also made with slightly heavy base with large rubber support to maintain keyboard steadily planted to the desk and quiet, cushioned keys for comfort.

Try to type on it now! Go and bid here.

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