i-LIMB: Bionic Hand

Superheroes have a lot of advantages over us; they can fly, they are very strong, some of them are invincible and some can even see through walls. Although a superhero isn’t real (though some may just be in hiding), there are people who can be considered as such and one of them is David Gow.

Mr. Gow is the brilliant designer and inventor of i-LIMB, a bionic hand created to aid people who are not as fortunate as most of us who have complete limbs. His invention has won the top prize in UK’s engineering contest.

To be able to test his creation further, he asked Mr. Ray Edwards, CEO of the Limbless Association if he would be willing to fit the i-LIMB and see how it works.

The i-LIMB works just like a normal hand that can grip things without any difficulty. It has sensors to “feel” what the arm muscle wants it to do and serves it purpose quite well.

If you want to see the wonder that is i-LIMB, head on to the Science Museum of London and see how this bionic hand helps ordinary people, like you and me, just like your favorite superheroes.

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