I “Heart” you

Now this one is just so freakin’ adorable!! He may look a little bit weird at first but you’ll easily fall for his puppy dog eyes that flutters when Heart, that’s the robot’s name, is touched.

Puppeteer turned robotics engineer David McGoran from The University of the West of England is the esteemed maker of Heart Robot. Heart is a robot that can feel human emotion or rather feel humans’ emotion. He, I tagged him as a he first time I saw him on TV, looks fragile as he is quite small and “bandaged”. He has bony, plastic-like fingers that has the capability to grip your hand. He looks like a small cute hobbit who has eyes that can melt anyone’s ice-cold heart. Of course, he has his very own red light “heart” hidden underneath a see-through plastic cover that “beats” when he is touched.

Heart is covered in sensors that has the ability to respond when touched and when a human moves. If treated badly or roughly, Heart will tense and his cute little eyes will blink rapidly in alarm and his grip tightens. He also recognizes when you raise your voice at him. Once he eases up on you, you’ll feel his body relax and the beating of his heart will slow down.

Heart may just be one robot but hopefully we’ll all have a Heart that we can cuddle up with and who’ll help us feel more human when we sometimes forget that we are one.

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