I am a living OST

Have you ever tried watching a horror movie without sounds or any background music? Does it have any effect? Dull, isn’t it? Well, have you wish that your own life could be as lively as those movies? Always with an appropriate background music at any given time or situation?

Now ThinkGeek Labsâ„¢ found the solution for this dilemma, introducing the Personal Soundtrack Shirt!

It is an amazing new wearable audio solution that features a working speaker embedded into the front of the shirt and once you pushed the appropriate button on the handy remote you get music or sound effects appropriate for any situation. This shirt is built in with every sound you would ever need, everything from drum roll, to cat call whistle, to western showdown.

Also, it gives you the chance to put your own downloaded music with your SD memory card loaded with MP3 files to use your own sound effects and music. The Personal Soundtrack Shirt remote has buttons from 1 to 20, each can play a different sound. The filename of your MP3 file determines which button will be used to play the sound. So if you name your file “03.mp3” it will play when you hit the “3” button on the remote. If you add an “L” to the end of the filename your sound will loop until you stop it. So “04L.mp3” would play when you hit button “4” and loop endlessly until you hit a new sound or the pause button.

And wait there is definitely more, you could also play sound from your portable audio player through the speaker on the front of the shirt. Simply connect your portable audio player to the audio “input” jack on the battery box of the shirt and power it on (you will need a male-to-male headphone cable, not included). The Soundtrack Shirt amplifies your music and you can use the volume control on your portable audio player to control the volume level of the shirt.

Washing Instructions

Unplug battery pack with remote from cable and remove.
Peel Velcro-backed speaker from shirt, unplug cable and remove.
The cable can be left inside the shirt.
Hand Wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle
Hang dry or tumble dry low

Be your own OST, click here to get one now!

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