Honda’s ASIMO “The World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot”

The technology behind Honda’s ASIMO Humanoid Robot is cutting edge. In 1986 Honda engineers began creating a walking robot. The focus was on simulating the same walk as a human. Once that was achieved they began working on stabilization to enable stair climbing and independent balance on each leg. A body, head, and arms were attached to improve balance but soon became part of the robots functionality. The original prototype was 6’2” and 386 lbs. but now they have improved the ASIMO with a more user friendly design, standing 5’2” and weighing 287 lbs. Today the ASIMO is a fully functional walking, running, stair climbing, humanoid robot with the capabilities of reaching for an object and grasping it gently. Using its camera eyes, it can recognize faces, map the environment for stationary objects, and avoid moving obstacles. The ASIMO is by far one of the most ingenious robots today.

The ASIMO is designed to operate in real world settings, helping people reach for things, pick up things, and carry items from one room to another even navigating through stairs. The ASIMO’s abilities were an incredible challenge for Honda designers. The use of 34 Degrees of Freedom makes the ASIMO have such human like motions. Combined with lightweight material, like magnesium alloy structure, and 34 servo motors, the ASIMO is almost as functional as a human. After two decades of working with powerful computers, sophisticated software, and latest structural design Honda engineers came up with the ASIMO.

Currently the ASIMO is used for educational purposes they demonstrate the robots capabilities in classrooms to ignite children’s interests in science. The possibility of producing the ASIMO for human assistance isn’t far out of reach but isn’t in productivity yet.

Check out the Honda ASIMO website and watch the introduction video to see ASIMO in action.

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