Have a smashin’ good time with the anger release machine

I think I need to see a shrink to help curb my anger management, but my blood pressure might reach the roof once I see my bill so I’ll just resort to meditation (ohm. ohm..) and inhale exercises while counting backwards from twenty to zero or maybe fifty to zero would be better. Mind you, I’m not the type who goes berserk when my top blows off but I can get pretty nasty when I’ve reached my limit.

I want to be like those women in movies where they get to throw expensive china at their womanizing husband or boyfriend. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much cash to spare to go on a throwing and smashing rampage.

This is where the Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine (whew!) comes in, an interactive contraption created by artist Yarisa Kublitz where overstressed persons can divert their anger by smashing ornaments and centerpieces.

You simply put in a quarter, choose your desired “weapon”; plates, ceramic cats, gravy holders or figurines, and voila! The object will drop and break into many pieces. You can do this non-stop as long as you have quarters to feed the machine.

I only wish that people can throw the objects themselves and aim it at a life-size poster where you can tape the face of the person who made you blow a fuse. Now that would really help me alleviate my anger.

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