Ghetto Blaster Tote: Carry a lightweight musical bag

Feel the power with the vintage and old school look tote that will keep everyone’s eye on you while you walk down the street. The new Ghetto Blaster Tote with old vintage outlook generates the colorful retro look as you can pump up the music either with classical songs or modern, whatever you choose, just keep a smile on your face because that’s how you will execute your personality with salutary ode to your self being.

Connect your Ghetto Blaster Tote to your MP3 and carry it along like a bag which is also a bag actually and you can put your favorite stuffs in. More often, you can take this ultra cool speaker bag in the beach, enjoy the sun and surf and play some good music. I think many people like it as it is pretty easier and lighter to carry anywhere. So whenever you feel like going somewhere, I do prefer beaches or pool parties just turn up the sound the bag and start dancing or have some champagne and enjoy the good times.

Price is just $45 to bag it for you.
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