Get rid of smoking and try newly developed electronic cigarette

So thinking of quiting smoking? I bet you have tried many ways to stop it. Well, some inventors have developed a unique cigarette that has zero percent tobacco and no other chemicals.

Say hello to “Electronic Cigarette” which is battery powered and 100% tobacco free. Can you imagine, a small cigarette shaped white stick that vaporises pure liquid nicotine into a puff of steam and it doesn’t contain any carcinogens, tar and 4,000 harmful chemicals as in traditional cigarettes.?

Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette created a small cartridge filled with liquid substance which gives a real smoking taste without burning any tobacco. Just like a normal cigarette, smokers can inhale vapor instead and feel like a proper drag. It runs on small 3.7 volt battery which can be recharged again and again.

Makers claimed that it can be used in restaurants, pubs etc where smoking is banned because it doesn’t create any smoke and affect passive smokers. There are also three types of cartridges, ‘low’ which contains 6 mg of nicotine, ‘medium’ which has 11mg, and ‘high’ which contains 16mg.

Makers have plans to produce five different flavors such as mint, apple, cherry, chocolate and coffee in coming days. The electronic cigarettes are only available to people aged 18+

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