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Runescape has been played by millions of young gamers and even adults who just love to play these types of games. With Runescape, you can train your character however you like. You could be a mage, a melee or a ranger. You could even be a baker, a runecrafter, a smith, or a woodcutter. The world of Runescape is like a totally new world where you could meet other people and fight battles and win gold.

Lots of players who joined this game never want to stop playing it as it’s very addictive. It feels like you are your character and that you’re actually going through all those battles and meeting these people personally. It’s really fun and entertaining and it’s never boring.

It’s a great way to meet new friends and to battle it out with each other by fighting in the Runescape woods. Fighting other people’s characters is really fun but you have to train hard to have a strong character that could take on other people’s trained characters as well.

Enjoy more of Runescape by being a paid member. Free playing is fun and it’s free but if you are really addicted to Runescape, paying little money for a much larger world is definitely worth it!

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