Geo Travel Power Wheelchair: Taking wheelchairs on the next level

Just when we thought that almost everything was already transformed by technology, then think again.

What about the wheelchair? Yes, the wheelchair. Technology, truly, has a heart for those sick and disabled people who could no longer walk.

So gearing to the technology’s faithful aim to make great things possible is the Geo Travel Power Wheelchair.

The Drive GEO power wheelchair is an affordable electric wheelchair designed for indoor or outdoor use. The chair comes standard with an adjustable height footplate, anti-tippers and comfortable height adjustable seat with flip back arms.

It also features an automatic power shut-down after an undisturbed period of 30 minutes and easy to remove batteries.

GEO Power Wheelchair has an adjustable height and angle footplate, considerate enough that the consumers for this product is of different height and size.

Added features include a free wheel mode where the power chair can be moved manually. It also comes standard with anti tippers.

Comfortable seat is height adjustable, with flip back, adjustable width arms. Top speed 3.5 mph, a cruising range of 8-10 miles and maximum weight capacity of 250 lb.

Click on the image below to own one.

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