eSlick E-book reader

Further news in e-Reader commerce has lately been caught in awareness on the Web. The most known e-Readers nowadays are, obviously, Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader. The two of electronic device contain diverse and already well recognized advantages and disadvantages, however at the present it is obvious that very quickly they will assemble up with a new entrant they both would not like to have. The entrant we are presenting about is eSlick from Foxit Software.

Unfortunately, eslick’s are not yet available as of now for us to buy. Even this new year it is kind of impossible to release but surely in the mid January of 2009.

You are now left wondering why eslick is a big pressure to other two big moguls. First and foremost, is its MSRP that make all sense out of it. Imagine, others are ranging 360-400USD yet the eSlick mark it up to only 260USD. You see? Big difference and big savings.

It is packed with various features. It has 800 x 600 Mpx display, 128 MB of built-in memory. Yet it has an expandable memory and eSlick comes with 2 GB SD card. eSlick is able to synchronize via USB 2.0 hub, so you may upload text, PDF and MP3 files on your eSlick. It is under Linux operating system and is able to convert more files to PDF format. It does have a span of live 8000 pages until a full charged battery run off.

It has three colors to choose from: white, grey and black. Note that it is surely to be released this mid of January.

Why don’t you check the difference here from Amazon Kindle here? Make a deal if you like.

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