Ergo- The Easiest Way to Search

Ergo makes it a lot easier for web searches on various search engines at one time. As of the moment, it can only be downloaded on Windows Vista so this is great news for all Vista users.

How does it work? You must first download Ergo and once it’s properly installed, you can just enter the keywords or phrase into the search box and click the “Go” button. You can then choose where you want Ergo search to proceed through its source selector. You can search your local computer, flickr, YouTube, google, msn, yahoo and much more. With the power of Vista, you can choose how you want to view your searches; may it be via simplified list or connected views. It’s really up to you. Choose what is convenient to you.

After getting the results of your Ergo search, the topics would be presented to you and you can just click or tap the topics that you find interesting. Topics and sub-topics are highlighted and it’s easy to navigate to these sub-topics just by double clicking on the main topic. Viewing the topic of your choice depends on you too so you either you view them by slide grids or by navigating left to right.

There are many more ways to enjoy your web searches using Ergo. Download it now and discover them yourself.

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