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capturx digital pen

December is one of the busiest month every year, because aside from our hectic schedule both at work and at home, we should also squeeze in the wacky Christmas shopping escapades, endless invites for Christmas parties (and if you are pretty unlucky, you might be tasked in organizing one) and a whole lot more.

This scenario leaves us with more work and very little time.

But all thanks to Adapx, they have made this Christmas a bit breezier with the introduction of the amazing Capturx!

What exactly is Capturx? It is a complete pen system that enables you to conveniently collect data on ordinary paper and immediately upload each data to your structured digital data.

Works well with every encoder’s best friend, the Microsoft Office Excel 2007,  the package includes a pen, a dock, the USB connector, the CD with the software and a small instruction book.

This special device comes with an excellent security measure, so upon buying your new encoder helper make sure that you charge it first and once you dock the pen it would automatically prompt you to create a password to secure all the data that you have to input in your digitized file.

So, how does this thing works just exactly? First, open an xls or xlsx form file using excel, make it capturx enable by clicking on the enable form function, then select and review cell formatting. After doing so, you may now print the form through the Capturx print icon in an ordinary paper and start filling the form out using the digital pen.

It’s uploading time and it’s as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is put the pen back into the dock and click on the upload tab. After that you could review the data and accept everything once you have verified that the software was able to recognize your handwriting perfectly and uploaded everything.

Of course to have your Capturx working smoothly, users have to give few considerations. For one, you have to use a colored printer for your forms, meaning you can’t photocopy them and encode all your data in those photocopied forms.

Capturx uses a unique imperceptible layer of dots in the back in the background as the designs are printed on ordinary paper. The dots are printed with black ink, which the digital pen recognizes and uses to track the relationship of the mark ups with respect to the data in the original file. All of the data in the design file is printed using the ink colors: yellow, magenta, and cyan. What appears as a black line is really a combination of those other colors.

Another thing, its really a plus if you would write legibly so that you would not have problems in the future. Exaggerate your strokes and avoid writing in cursive. Also, avoid writing at the edges of the paper to make sure that your ink is captured properly and never enter double quotes (“) in a cell to mean same entry as the cell above. Capturx won’t recognize it as such and would only encode it as the same character in the cell.

Despite these handful setbacks, all in all, Capturx works really well and it did perfectly for a first input device to have that technology. It makes life so easier and it is surely a great investment for all sorts of businesses to facilitate fast and smooth transactions.

If you are interested in purchasing this gadget, you can visit Adapx website.

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